DAS Project

DAS currently manages MIT Kerberos and OpenLDAP through a web interface. The goal is to provide a complete system for managing users and computers from a single point of configuration and to provide your users with a single sign on system.
For questions and suggestions use: dleeuw at made-it dot com.

DAS Project provides tools to make the implementation described at The PIG site easier.

For the code and the tools see: https://sourceforge.net/projects/das-project/
microsoft-ad.schema Some objectClasses and attributes borrowed from Microsoft Active Directory to make life easier for and to support Mac OS X
asid-ldap-cache-draft.schema Implementation of http://tools.ietf.org/html/draft-ietf-asid-ldap-cache-01 to support Mac OS X clients
Schema that implements RFC2307bis, with uidNumber and gidNumber commented out, since they are already provided by the SLAPd builtin, posixGroup made into a STRUCTURAL class as is the case in the nis.schema. The rfc2307bis-nis_add.schema is supplied as an add-on schema if you already have installed the nis.schema file. The additional attributes and classes are needed to support Mac OS X automounts. Best solution is to remove the the nis.schema file and use the rcf2307bis.schema file
apple-od.schema Apple Open Directory Schema "stolen" from https://www.opensource.apple.com/source/OpenLDAP/OpenLDAP-37.4.2/AppleExtras/ and made in sync with the schema provided on an Apple Mac OS 10.9.2 machine. The apple-user, apple-preset-user, apple-group and apple-computer classes are adjusted to play nicely with the samba.schema file. The file is renamed to apple-od.schema to prevent accidental overwrites of the Apple provided schema (which you should not use when you choose to use this one).


Current project status (no release yet):